Streamline the presentation of your financial and budget data and the documentation compliance. Sell Force Limited enables your agency to create and report accurate information in a single, collaborative platform.

Connect people and information.

  • Improve efficiency in managing and documenting financial and performance data
  • Review all changes to numbers and narrative with a full audit trail
  • Ensure consistency across departments and report types, including strategic plans
  • Combine your numerical data and program narratives in a controlled environment

Improved Citizen Access

Sell Force Limited is a complete solution for improving the way citizens receive and access the information they need. Local, city, federal, and state agencies of any size can offer online self-service options, enabling citizens to find their own answers to common inquiries or pay for multiple transactions on one bill.

Local Government Software

Sell Force Limited enables local governments to improve citizen service delivery and increase transparency and accountability. Intuitive, easy-to-use technology brings all your data together in one place, no matter where citizens are when they register, inquire, or make payments. Streamline facilities scheduling, point of sale, online registrations, email marketing, and more with one online database.

City Government Software

Imagine having all your data consolidated and accessible from anywhere, giving you a 360-degree view of your citizens’ records. Sell Force Limited allows you to look at your operation from multiple perspectives by providing reports on data from every part of your business. You’ll be able to find trends, improve target marketing, and make better decisions through reporting. And online solutions save hours of administration time for staff.

State Government Software

With Sell Force Limited, state and provincial governments can reduce administrative work and streamline their operation. Sell Force Limited innovative software empowers citizens to engage with their government more efficiently. Meet the digital needs of your residents with proven, user-friendly technology that fosters clearer communication, greater accuracy, increased transparency, and improved accountability.

Federal Government Software

Sell Force Limited saves employees—and citizens—hours of time and frustration. Empower employees to focus on residents without having to struggle with outdated systems. Allow them to communicate and share data in one centralized system. Because of the size, strength and experience of Sell Force Limited network, our information is protected with the highest level of data security possible.

Maintain government data integrity.

There are times when database information needs a higher level of protection. Through database roles and permissions, you are in control of who gets to view, modify, and edit data in your custom base government software applications. You can even set field-level permissions to restrict access to specific government information, giving just enough access to certain users. It's the best of both worlds, allowing openness while also protecting users' information.


Collaborate in operations for the public sector.

Transparency, participation, and collaboration are vitally important for most government agencies; Custom Base's solutions can help promote all three. Implement better public sector software and applications so you can focus on achieving your goals. Custom Base government software applications help centralize mission-critical information in the form of tables, giving your team the data visibility they need to make timely, informed decisions while reducing the risk of error from outdated information.

Build and customize powerful online apps.

With a groundswell of government agencies moving paper-based information into the cloud, it's within the public's best interest to adapt. Customer Base helps make that journey simpler for those working in the public sector. Software solutions from custom base allow you to make changes happen quickly. Create and deploy government-backed software and cloud-based applications in days. Whether it's projects, contracts, or overall spending you're looking to track, select from shop forcescript ready-to-use apps or develop your own local government software from script.

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