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Deploying IaaS means getting out of the hardware business and migrating your workloads to virtual machines you rent from a cloud provider. Before you migrate, take a thorough inventory of the applications you are running and the servers involved. You’ll want to know the business and technical owner of each application in your inventory that will be migrating to the cloud. List out each instance and attach each to a server as well as other applications it may require to operate. Think about the security you need for each application instance too.

Next, think about how you need to manage the security of your applications, since a physical firewall will be out. You can think about host-based firewalls, clustering, or virtual firewalls and VPN concentrates. After you deploy your first application in the cloud, you’ll need to train your users to handle any changes in their workflow. Remember the long-term goal, and know that everyone will blame the infrastructure should any problems come up. Maybe start by deploying a well proven application that has a supportive user community. Once you’ve proven that migrating to the cloud is possible, it will make it easier to move other applications out there. We Sell Force Limited here for your recent project deployment to maintenance.

Are you increasingly using Cloud services for your business operations? Is Cloud the backbone of your data and process management? Are you aware of the risks and threats involved in Cloud Computing?

Ignore the security of your assets on Cloud at your own risk!

Corporate businesses are shifting towards cloud due to the benefits in form of reduced cost, software and hardware independence, task automation, increased flexibility and high availability. But along with these benefits, you simply cannot ignore the threats involved that impacts confidentiality, privacy, integrity, availability and compliance to regulations. The risks landscape is far bigger in Cloud as compared to the traditional IT infrastructures.

Cloud based applications should follow the same application security practices as normal application security passes. In the absence of mature security standards for cloud, some important features which are currently in industry are followed, which include two factor authentications for administrative controls, annual ISO 27001 Audits and documented controls.

Sell Force Limited have worked with clients to establish their policies and procedures for Cloud usage as well as conducting security assessments and suggesting remediation tasks for their cloud based interactions.

We Sell Force Limited here for support your cloud infrastructure design, develop, deploy and maintains.

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